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County Callouts 1.0.0 out now!!!

DeLuca's 'Project Refresh'

After a long hiatus, County Callouts and DeLuca Modding is coming back with a bang, offering an even more immersive police simulation experience than ever before. I'm officially launching 'Project Refresh' which is intended on releasing quality LSPD:FR enhancements! This will feature a serious of plugins all aimed at upgrading the LSPD:FR experience. Let's start by exploring what's new in County Callouts v1.0.0 and what to expect in the future.

Revamped Internal Coding and Global Reference File
First and foremost, I've spent the past few months overhauling the mod's internal coding to improve its stability and performance. To ensure compatibility with all my mods going forward, I've also introduced a global reference file that will store commonly used data, such as keybinds, models, and internal repetitive systems. This means that you won't have to set these options for every mod separately, saving you time and hassle.

Full Customization Options
Another major enhancement in County Callouts v1.0.0 is the ability to customize almost every aspect of the mod. You can now set the spawn probability, spawn distance, and even add spawn locations. Plus, with the global reference file, you can specify your preferred vehicle and ped models, which will be used for all your future mod installations.

Unlimited Callout Spawns
Perhaps the most significant change in this update is the introduction of unlimited spawn coordinates for callouts. You can now add custom locations for every type of callout, including domestic disputes, public disturbances, meth lab explosion, and more. This opens up new possibilities for gameplay, as you can now create your own unique scenarios and explore the vast landscape of GTA V in a whole new way.

Highway Callouts
But that's not all. In addition to the improved customization options and unlimited callout spawns, a whole new experience is on the horizon: Highway Callouts. This new plugin will add a whole new dimension to your LSPDFR experience, as you'll be able to respond to incidents on the highway, such as reckless driving, collisions, and even all-new AI revamped high-speed pursuits.

Future Plans
With County Callouts v1.0.0 now available, I'm already planning for the future. My main goal going forward will be to completely refresh the LSPDFR experience. More themed-based mods are on the way, including Fish & Wildlife, undercover missions, and SWAT oriented add-ons. Each of these mods will have a DLC pack release schedule with themed content. This means that every new mod update will bring a bundle of new callouts, features, and improvements that will provide even more immersive gameplay experiences.

In conclusion, County Callouts v1.0 is a significant improvement over its predecessors, offering unparalleled customization options and unlimited callout spawns. With the addition of Highway Callouts upcoming and a regular content update schedule, I'm confident that this mod will continue to provide some quality entertainment to the community.