Latest Ver: 1.0.1
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Unique County Themed Callouts

8 custom callouts to respond to all with a county theme. Respond to domestic disputes, unstable individuals, and many more custom calls.

dlGlobal Utilization

As of the public release (v1.0), County Callouts uses my personal master reference file to help expedite future updates and provides seamless integration between all my plugins.

Global Customization

You can now modify the chosen ped/vehicle models used for the different LEO departments in San Andreas. These settings will also be shared across all my projects for LSPDFR.

Callout XML Locations

Each callout that featured a unique custom spawn location can now be customized with near endless limits thanks to XML utilization for each call.

Custom AI Behavior

Still very much a work in progress, a new improved variation of AI behavior will be present when playing dlGlobal utilized plugins. More details and content coming soon on this.

Deputy Interaction Menu

County Callouts features it's own interaction menu for use during calls. From questioning suspects and inspecting for bodily harm it's all there. Well over 150+ conversation variations.