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Script - Release County Callouts 0.3.0 [LSPD:FR]

[Image: CC0_3_Title.png.2754ef84bbaa89e4ddca44e8b26dd145.png]

UPDATE for 0.3! Configuration file has been added, and some bug fixes all around. Also some more smoother playthrough.
Next update 0.4 will push CC into the beta phase with a massive addition of content already in progress.
County Callouts v0.2 alpha has released and brings along a whole list of improvements and new content. Two all-new callouts featuring over 33+ unique custom locations brings the callout total to 6. Reports of a known meth lab on fire and the unstable individual callouts are new to 0.2 and have over 10 unique scenario outcomes, with some more common then others. There have also been tweaks, and optimizations to the current calls already available in County Callouts. Integration with StopThePed and UltimateBackup now allow your custom backup units and custom impairment settings to be used in CC callouts directly. Finally, a lot of under-the-hood work was done with this update and has set ground for more updates in the sooner then later future. Next update 0.3 should feature custom .ini and full controller support as well even more new callouts. We may begin to see some dynamic ambient events in 0.3 too. Be sure to comment with questions/bugs/suggestions, and if you like it let me know!
Alpha Complete:
    -Vehicle collision with animal 
    -No response from Deputy, check requested (Multi-scenario Call)
    -Reports of Illegal Off-Roading
    -Stolen Sheriff Unit (Multi-scenario Call)
    -Meth Lab Explosion (Multi-scenario/3 Unique Locations) [More locations coming soon!]
    -Unstable Individual (Multi-scenario/30+ Unique Locations)
Future Callout Plans/WIP
  • Domestic Disturbance on Private Property (Multi-scenario Call)

  • Trespassing on Private Property (Multi-scenario Call)

  • Shots Fired from Inside Residence (Interior/Custom Call)
How To Install
Place CountyCalls.dll & CountyCalls.ini into GTA V Directory/plugins/LSPDFR. Place the CC audio folder into
GTA V Directory/lspdfr/audio/scanner. Load up LSPD:FR and go on-duty. Wait for County Callouts.
--> -->[REQUIRES]: Stop the Ped and Ultimate backup for full functions. Without these mods certain calls such as the
vehicle collision with animal will be hard to navigate. Animal control, and towtruck backups are essential
to finishing the call. 0.2 added integration with these plugins as well. Still works without but not recommended.

Credits & Usage
You MAY NOT modify or re-distribute any of the content found in this archive without permission from myself.
You MAY use this content for media purposes, please link to this download (Video/Pictures/Streams/Etc)
Coding of County Callouts by Adam DeLuca.
HUGE thanks to Albo, the LSPD:FR team, and everyone who contributed to the open source LSPD:FR API files available!
Some audio files used from open source files by Albo and all credit goes there. If requested these audio files
can be removed or re-done.

[Image: CC_Screen01.thumb.jpg.275e35c06e601ceca0...5bc4d9.jpg]
[Image: CC_Screen02.thumb.jpg.ea5c5e0156f97b6e1e...a1f7a4.jpg]
[Image: CC_Screen03.thumb.jpg.1ac86cbdbc437ad96c...76fe20.jpg]
[Image: CC_Screen04.thumb.jpg.cac72efe594f1166f8...6fa8cc.jpg]
[Image: CC_Screen05.thumb.jpg.2dedf6ce5a1fba0783...b40a91.jpg]
[Image: CC_Screen06.thumb.jpg.9e5a5d5555d57ccd64...c5adec.jpg]
[Image: CC_Screen07.thumb.jpg.e3cb36a795b7f11ce2...07b406.jpg]
[Image: CC_Screen08.thumb.jpg.e0f3e5ea45623eeaf4...27bc42.jpg]
[Image: CC_Screen09.thumb.jpg.7ac4451d3d9fc045aa...cdb223.jpg]
[Image: CC_Screen10.thumb.jpg.61f6104ea65352c86b...071c6d.jpg]

Attached Files
.zip   County Callouts [0.1 alpha].zip (Size: 2.01 MB / Downloads: 0)
.zip   County Callouts [0.2 alpha].zip (Size: 3.62 MB / Downloads: 0)
.zip   County Callouts [0.3 alpha].zip (Size: 3.62 MB / Downloads: 3)

[Update 11/30/20]

County Callouts 0.4, which will be the first beta release, is currently making significant progress. New scenario personalities, and interaction systems have been implemented and are currently testing. Another new addition the Domestic Disturbance callout has been created and features loads of potential for every deputy. From conversation with people of interest to visual examinations to help you de-escalate each and every situation. The last major system to be implemented is the dynamic call locations. This system will allow endless possibilities as anyone will be able to customize a new file for each call to include coordinates of residences and even interior types. Screens will be coming shortly, maybe even some video previews.

maybe add events around it
like stolen car,and drugs sold

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