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Script - Release County Callouts 0.5.1 [LSPD:FR]

[Image: CC0-5-Title.png]


Newly released v0.5 brings a lot of overhaul and enhancements to the entire plugin. I've redone the way AI works on peds created by these callouts. You will instantly notice the changes as all the peds will now feel "alive" and move around/interact a lot more then they did in previous versions. I've spent hours and hours testing and eliminating bugs/glitches found in 0.4 as well as more that were created during the process. This is a major stability update and hopefully will provide a smoother and less crash prone experience. There is a new Shouting mechanic that has been added in this update. Check the configuration file for keypress settings. This new feature will allow the player to handle situations like Domestic and Public Disputes by shouting for all involved suspects to stop in there tracks. Of course this can result in the suspect cooperating, fleeing (initiating a pursuit), turning violent, or flat out ignoring you. An oversight in the config file causing it to corrupt and revert back to original settings has also been fixed. You should now be able to properly change your keybinds without issues. Customization of deputy skins and vehicles has been implemented for players not using Ultimate Backup. If you have StopThePed or Ultimate Backup installed, County Callouts will automatically use your customization settings including deputy skins/vehicles. Custom locations for callouts has been increased to over 140 as of now. If you experience any new issues/bugs please let me know! Next release will be v1.0 Public and feature loads of new features/callouts now that a majority of the bugs/glitches have been resolved! Keep checking back! Enjoy the callouts and thank you for over 40.000 total downloads!

County Callouts is a callout add-on for LSPD:FR featuring rural themed callouts. Most of these calls will not trigger within Los Santos city limits. They feature unique multi-scenario and dynamic calls that offer a higher replay value. As of the 0.4 beta version, there is now a full interaction menu system for CC spawned callouts. Lots of updates and touch ups to existing callouts but also the addition of two new calls: Domestic Dispute and Public Dispute. The domestic callout features full interior interaction on a variety of different scenarios. Please note that there are currently only two interiors used and they may not be the most 'fitting' in all locations but I hope to improve this in the future. The config file has also received some new settings for callout spawn chances. If there are any bugs, glitches, requests, complaints, or other then please feel free to let me know! 


Quote:0.5.1 Beta - Update Release - Compatible With GTA/RagePluginHook.LSPDFR <-- CURRENT
  • Now compatible with current GTA V/RagePluginHook/LSPDFR versions


Currently Complete:

-Vehicle collision with animal
-No response from Deputy, check requested (Multi-scenario Call)
-Reports of Illegal Off-Roading
-Stolen Sheriff Unit (Multi-scenario Call)
-Meth Lab Explosion (Multi-scenario/3 Unique Locations) [More locations coming soon!]
-Unstable Individual (Multi-scenario/30+ Unique Locations)
-Domestic Dispute (Multi-scenario/Unique Locations/Interiors)
-Public Dispute (Multi-scenario/Unique Locations)

How To Install

Place CountyCalls.dll & CountyCalls.ini into GTA V Directory/plugins/LSPDFR. Place the CC audio folder into
GTA V Directory/lspdfr/audio/scanner. Place RAGENATIVEUI in your GTA V directory.
Load up LSPD:FR and go on-duty. Wait for County Callouts.
--> -->[RECOMMENDED]: Stop the Ped and Ultimate backup for full functions. Without these mods certain calls such as the
vehicle collision with animal will be hard to navigate. Animal control, and towtruck backups are essential
to finishing the call. 0.2 added integration with these plugins as well. Still works without but not recommended.
Update 0.4 added the interaction menu so really just Ultimate Backup is needed for tow truck/animal control but
I still strongly suggest StopThePed. 0.5 has further advanced the integration of these two plugins. These are an awesome
addition and fully compatible with this plugin.

Credits & Usage

You MAY NOT modify or re-distribute any of the content found in this archive without permission from myself.
You MAY use this content for media purposes, please link to my modding index ( (Video/Pictures/Streams/Etc)
Massive thanks to sjaak327, vincentsgm, and everyone else on 5mods discord server who has helped me!
Coding of County Callouts by Adam DeLuca.
HUGE thanks to Albo, the LSPD:FR team, and everyone who contributed to the open source LSPD:FR API files available!
Some audio files used from open source files by Albo and all credit goes there. If requested these audio files
can be removed or re-done.



[Image: CC04-01.jpg] [Image: CC04-03.jpg] [Image: CC04-04.jpg] [Image: CC04-07.jpg] [Image: CC04-08.jpg] [Image: CC04-10.jpg] [Image: CC04-11.jpg] [Image: CC04-13.jpg] [Image: CC04-14.jpg] [Image: CC04-16.jpg]

Attached Files
.zip   County Callouts [0.1 alpha].zip (Size: 2.01 MB / Downloads: 0)
.zip   County Callouts [0.2 alpha].zip (Size: 3.62 MB / Downloads: 0)
.zip   County Callouts [0.3 alpha].zip (Size: 3.62 MB / Downloads: 3)
.zip   County Callouts [0.4 beta].zip (Size: 6.32 MB / Downloads: 2)
.zip   County Callouts [0.5 beta].zip (Size: 6.41 MB / Downloads: 1)
.zip   County Callouts [0.5.1 beta].zip (Size: 6.41 MB / Downloads: 2)

[Update 11/30/20]

County Callouts 0.4, which will be the first beta release, is currently making significant progress. New scenario personalities, and interaction systems have been implemented and are currently testing. Another new addition the Domestic Disturbance callout has been created and features loads of potential for every deputy. From conversation with people of interest to visual examinations to help you de-escalate each and every situation. The last major system to be implemented is the dynamic call locations. This system will allow endless possibilities as anyone will be able to customize a new file for each call to include coordinates of residences and even interior types. Screens will be coming shortly, maybe even some video previews.

0.4.0 Beta - Update Release - Interaction/Controller Support/New Calls
  • Added Interaction Menu for Callouts
  • Added Dynamic personality system for interaction systems
  • Added New Callout Domestic Dispute with various dynamic multi-scenario outcomes* (See notes about this call)
  • Added New Callout Public Dispute with custom location and multi-scenario outcomes
  • Added Full controller support with configuration settings (See .ini)
  • Update New locations for Meth Lab Explosion and other callouts
  • Update Tweaking to the AI during existing callouts (Ex. Unstable Call)
  • Fix Eliminated a variety of reported bugs

0.5.0 Beta - Update Release - Massive A.I. Overhaul + Major Bug Fixes 
  • Fixed Deputy vehicle on Domestic callout should properly save when enter/exit
  • Fixed Revamped keypress display to use RageNativeUI version (Will change over to LemonUI soon - RageNativeUI is now deprecated)
  • Fixed Major revamp of all AI for Suspects/Witness/Deputies (Lots of improvements!)
  • Fixed Included failsafe on interior spawning when running demanding ENB/Texture mods to prevent falling glitch
  • Fixed Offroad vehicles will no longer drive off when attempting to perform traffic stop (Finally fixed!)
  • Fixed Custom Configuration file becoming corrupted and reverting to default values everytime. Will now work properly assuming keybind names are correct
  • Update More conversation lines for responses from stopped peds (Looking into XML file in the future)
  • Update Enhancements on most callouts for better appearance and flow
  • Update Now 42 different locations for Domestic Dispute Call (Up from 20)
  • Update Now 15 different locations for Meth Lab Explosion Call (Up from 6) Extended distance on this call as well
  • Update Now 62 different locations for Unstable Individual Call (Up from 31)
  • Update Now 30 different locations for Public Dispute Call
  • Added/Update FULL Stop The Ped & Ultimate Backup Integration (Will auto detect if compatible versions are running and use your custom backup files!)
  • Added Customizable vehicle & ped models for anyone not using Ultimate Backup
  • Added 'Shout' command. Player can now press a key to shout and attempt to stop all suspects nearby. Hostile peds may flee or attack. Can also dismiss peds after a short cooldown time of stopping them by pressing key again (Warning! Will not release if using STP)
  • Added Now includes RageNativeUI file to be placed in your GTA V directory. MUST BE NEWEST 1.7 VERSION! I have included it to prevent issues as previous ones will not work
  • Lots of small improvements! Too many to remember!

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