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ATTENTION! This is a Legacy section and no longer offers updates or support on ANY of these releases. You MAY ask questions and offer advise but do not spam these sections. x

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Model - Legacy 2011 Ford F-150 Park Ranger

[Legacy Release]: This is an unsupported modification release. There is no guarantee it will still work properly, and there is no guarantee it won't corrupt your game files. ALWAYS MAKE BACKUPS BEFORE INSTALLING NEW MODIFICATIONS. There is no available support for this modification.


Quote:DeLuca Modding

Real American Modifications
[ ---------------------------- ]

Original Ford F150 Model: Driver: San Francisco - Ubisoft Reflections
Ripped from D:SF by: RacingFreak
Converted to GTA: SA by DeLuca.
Ford Police Trim conversion by DeLuca.
Re-textured, remodelled, configured by DeLuca.
All additional work was done by DeLuca.
Hitch + Tailpipe from free-to-use website with no credits required.
Police parts by Grimm Reaper Designs.
Templated by DeLuca.


[Image: F150-PR-01.jpg]

[Image: F150-PR-02.jpg]

[Image: F150-PR-03.jpg]

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