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Request cljcallouts for GTA: V

Modification Request Form

[Modification Name]: cljcallouts

[Select Game for Mod]: GTA: V

[Request Description]: Fivem Callout Plugin

A caller is reporting some suspicious activity within a clothing store, respond and investigate.
Locate the shoplifting suspect and interact with them by pressing "E" to progress through the dialogue.
After hearing their story, make a decision on how you'll respond -- are they a career criminal, or are they down on their luck? Are you a by-the-book cop, or perhaps someone who occasionally will let one slide?
There are a total of five different shoplifter profiles, and all 14 clothing stores across San Andreas available.

911 Hang-up Call
Dispatch received a call that was silent, and then disconnected in a matter of seconds. Dispatch attempted to contact the caller, but could not get in touch with them. Dispatch is requesting a unit to respond and investigate the scene, the location of the call has been patched through.
This callout features 27 possible locations scattered across San Andreas, and by default has no department restrictions.
There are five distinct possible scenarios, each with their own individual possible outcomes, and a variety of AI behavior.
Possible scenarios include: an elder who is unsure of how to operate their phone, a prank call, a kidnapping, a murder, or an ambush.
If the situation calls for it, approach the individuals and press "E" to speak to individuals on scene.

Breakout Attempt
Dispatch is reporting a transport vehicle has diverted its course and has been stationary for several minutes with no radio communications reaching them. Respond code 3.
There have been reports of shots in the area, as well as two suspicious vehicles tailing the transport vehicle. Be wary, reports suggest they are heavily armed and dangerous.
No laser aim. The AI accuracy has been adjusted to match the same standard Rockstar Games uses in the singleplayer campaign.

Silent Alarm - On-Time Arrival
A silent alarm has been triggered at the Vangelico Jewelry store, and nearby witnesses say the suspects are still inside. They're armed, dangerous, and holding hostages. Respond code 3 and clear the store.
AI robbers will patrol the store until officers approach the entrance, and then they will become violent.
There are a static number of robbers and hostages at this time.
No laser aim. The AI have been scaled to match the accuracy standards used by Rockstar Games in the singleplayer campaign for a better experience.

Silent Alarm - Late Arrival
Due to the chaotic circumstances during the robbery, store staff was unable to trigger the alarm in time. Now, the robbers are on their way out to their getaway vehicle. Get to the scene, and stop them.
50% chance the responding officer may take shots from the suspects.
No laser aim. The AI have been scaled to match the accuracy standards used by Rockstar Games in the singleplayer campaign for a better experience

Car Carrier Pursuit

This callout involves you responding to a person stealing a car carrier. It is up to you to stop the suspect before they bring it back to their base.


Premium Deluxe Motorsport's (Los Santos)
Larry's RV Sales (Sandy Shores)

Possible Flee Locations

Bayview Lodge (Paleto Forest)
Mirror Park
Los Santos Docks
Lost Hideout

Suicidal Person

Shot fired like the lost mc shoting at gang members etc

Hit man stuff like a hit got put on a person


kidnapping raid

money truck robbary

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