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County Callouts Future Updates Feed

County Callouts Future Updates Feed

County Callouts 0.4 Beta

Update (2/5)
Video preview of some of the new features. This is a quick demo and still a WIP. Most of the framework is down now and a lot of the fine tuning and bug fixes are being addressed now.

Original Post
Currently working on the 0.4 Beta release of CC. An all-new multi-scenario callout, Domestic Dispute, has been added and features functional residences with interiors. Each time a player responds to this call a variety of randomized outcomes are generated resulting in more dynamic calls. Unfortunately the only downside is there are only two different interiors at this current time. More will be added in the future. On top of the new call, I have implemented an interaction system for calls. This system is only used on CC initiated callouts to help give the player a direction and some structure to the situation. Of course a more in-depth policing add on is recommended such as Stop The Ped to help get to the bottom of each scenario. Outcomes for each interaction are dynamic and vary depending on the current call. 

I am also in the process of some rework of current callouts already found in CC. Calls like the Meth Lab Explosion and Unstable Individual will now feature more dynamic outcomes and include some new scenarios altogether. 

[Image: 20210109003045-1.jpg][Image: 20210109002852-1.jpg]
[Image: 20210109002923-1.jpg][Image: 20210109002953-1.jpg]
[Image: 20210109003230-1.jpg][Image: 20210109003303-1.jpg]

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