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ATTENTION! This is a Legacy section and no longer offers updates or support on ANY of these releases. You MAY ask questions and offer advise but do not spam these sections. x

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Script - Legacy Emergency Vehicle Lighting System (EVLS) Releases

[Image: evlsv3logosmall.png][Image: EVLS4-Logo.png]
Emergency Vehicle Lighting System, gives players total control over there EVLS enabled vehicle's lighting equipment. 
You can turn Primary, Secondary, Take-down, and Alley lights on/off as well toggle through speeds and different 
patterns. Also includes a fully advanced component cycling system.

I have included two of the most stable EVLS versions for now. I will release EVLS4 (never publicly released) and possibly alternative builds of past iterations in the coming future. Some general guidelines for EVLS systems; most versions support syncing in SA:MP, for best chance of success use a fresh GTA: SA install with latest build of CLEO, most versions of EVLS are compatible with vanilla/ELM/EVLS specific vehicles.

[NOTE]: These EVLS installations use an executable to install. I can guarantee you these installers are virus free. I cannot guarantee how stable these builds are. MAKE BACKUPS BEFORE INSTALLING!


Coding all done by DeLuca.
Lightbar component in Devs kit: Whelen Justice converted from Google Sketchup to GTA, and textured by DeLuca.
Credits to ZAZ for particle effects.

(See individual vehicle Read Mes for credits regarding vehicles)

Quote:EVLS2 version 2.2

- Security & Stability Enhancements
- Compatibility Improvements

- [Improved] Completely Re-Constructed Component System
- [Improved] EVLS vehicles now can have 10 Red, 10 Blue, 8 Amber, and 4 Area Light LED components
- [New] Livery System (Cycle through up to 4 paint schemes for your vehicles)
- [New] EVLS Siren System (Enable/Disable in config, modify the two .wav files in Sirens folder to your liking)
- [New] Anti-Crash (Fixes crashing problems with SA:MP, and other CLEO mods)
- [New] SA:MP Sync Improvement
- [New] Full Display HUD 
- [New] EVLS activates when siren is turned on
- [New] Select a key to cycle through paint schemes (Via config file)
- [Requested] Turn on/off Particle Flash Effects
- [Requested] Enable Particle Flash Effects for Night time only (Via DayNightMode)
- [Requested] Turn on/off Area Flash Effects
- [Requested] Pattern Speeds now save when you turn off a pattern/EVLS altogether
- And more small improvements you may notice!

Quote:EVLS3 Public R2

Basic Overview

    - Primary Lighting System 
    - Secondary Lighting System 
    - Livery Changer (Cycle paint schemes with a button click)
    - Advanced Component System (Cycle rambars, antenna setups, unit numbers, spotlights, and more)
    - Additional Vehicle Enhancements (Brake Lights, Reverse Lights, Turn Signals, Caution Signals)
    - Engine Control System (Stop/Start Engine, Sound Effects included)
    - 'Black Out' Option (Kill all visible lights for Police stalking situations)
    - Quick Yelp Feature (Quick double siren yelp followed by Primary lights initiating)
    - Auto-Enable Primary on Siren (Primary lights will enable with siren)
    - Custom Siren Sounds (Customizable siren sound effects)
    - Advanced Lighting Enhancement (LED Flash effects with both sharp (up close) and pulse (distance) effects)
    - Brightest Glowing Vehicle Textures (Custom made, brightened Vehicle Lighting Textures)
    - Extremely Easy Custom Pattern Creation (Redone pattern system for SIMPLE, EASY custom patterns)
    - SA:MP Compatible (Primary + Secondary Systems sync fully)


- 1 = Toggle Primary On/Off
- 2 = Toggle Secondary On/Off
- 3 & 4 = Useless as of now, ignore I haven't redone take downs/alleys yet
- 5 = Cycle Primary Patterns
- 6 = Cycle Secondary Patterns
- 7 = Cycle Primary Flash Speeds
- 8 = Cycle Secondary Flash Speeds
- 9 = Livery Changer
- J = Quick Yelp
- "-" = Turn Signal Left
- "+" = Turn Signal Right
- "/" = Caution Signals.
- "\" = Engine off/on
- "R" = Cycle Rambars
- "T" = Cycle Antennas
- "Y" = Cycle Spot Lights
- Brake Lights and Reverse lights are automatic

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