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ATTENTION! This is a Legacy section and no longer offers updates or support on ANY of these releases. You MAY ask questions and offer advise but do not spam these sections. x

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Script - Legacy USNG: FR Ultimate Release

[Image: USNGFRLogo.png]
Ultimate Release Archive. There are three total USNG: FR releases. I've included as much as I could find and have no idea if this will still work or not.

I have not worked on this code for over two years(5+ years now) This is just what I had on my PC unreleased.
I've yet to find the v0.7 RC 1 but if I do I will release it.

- Changelog -

Could not find any documentation on 0.5a.

- Bug Fixes -
  • Fixed Ambulance bug on Fallen Soldier 
  • Fixed Soldier bug on Fallen Soldier                         
  • Fixed crash issues on Stolen Intel   
  • Removed Rhinos and Hydras from Spawning  
- Additions -
  • Added SWAT Situation Gone Wrong call out
  • Added NG backup
  • Added Tactical backup
  • Added air support
  • Added Battle Buddy System
  • Added Mission Failure code
  • Added Anti-Thug
  • Added Sanchez and Quads to Deployment                         
  • Added MP5 and Tear Gas to Deployment                             
  • Added EMS backup to heal yourself

- Bug Fixes -
  • Fixed Tactical Backup                                          [DONE Improved - Slight crashing issue]
  • Fixed Backup support                                          [DONE Improved - Slight crashing issue]
  • Fixed battle buddy + Support will shoot all targets on calls 
  • Fixed Medic not restoring Armor                             
- Additions -
  • Added support for users not reaching 100% save game           
- Bug Fixes -
  • N/A    (Bug fixes from v0.6c will bed added)
- Additions -
  • Added Artillery strike support
  • Added Armored Backup (Tank support)
  • Added new call out "Enemy Fighter Jets Incoming" [ DONE ]
  • Added new call out "Requested Armored Support" (Control an M1 Tank and assist soldiers against a large squad of enemies)
  • Added new call out "Requested Air Support"    (Pilot an Apache and take out some enemy trucks to clear a path for a convoy)
  • Added new call out "Hijacked Commercial Airliner" (AT-700 is hijacked, fly to it and board it. Take out the four sleeper terrorists)
  • Added new call out "Drowning Tourist" (Board a Coast Guard response heli and fly to the swimmer, and pick them up. Transport them to hospital)
  • Added new call out "Terrorist Hideout Raid" (Take a squad of two soldiers and meet up with three FBI agents. Raid a hide out and eliminate terrorists)
  • Reconfigured call out "Fallen Soldier"        (Play a mini-game, press buttons and see results. Keep the Soldier alive till medic arrives)
  • Reconfigured call out "Unidentified Target"    (50/50 Chance the target will be friendly/hostile. If hostile, they attack on sight)
  • Reconfigered call out "Unidentified Aircraft"  (Heli now spawns in the air, and only works if you destroy the heli)
  • Added new feature "Deporting Illegal Immigrants"  (Request green card from any civi. 1/4th chance they're illegal aliens and you take them to the desert)
  • Added new feature "Credibility"        (Basic version. Keeps track of your "score" and saves it on exiting the game too)
  • Added new feature "Arcade Jet Attack" (YOU VS 15 Enemy Jets. Eliminate the most in the fastest amount of time)
- Bug Fixes -
  • Fixed not being able to cancel calls                          [NOT DONE]
  • Fixed bug with Stolen Intel not having a start marker          [NOT DONE]
  • Fixed killing pilot ends call before blowing up heli          [NOT DONE]
  • Added sound clip to Fallen Soldier                            [NOT DONE]
  • Added sound clip to Battle Buddy system                        [NOT DONE]
  • Added sound clip to Air Support call                          [NOT DONE]
  • Added convoy backup                                            [NOT DONE]

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