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County Callouts Support Topic

County Callouts
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[General Information]

[Type]: LSPD: FR Callout Addon

[Latest Version]: 0.3.0

[LSPD: FR Version]: 0.4.8+

[How To Install]:

Place CountyCalls.dll & CountyCalls.ini into GTA V Directory/plugins/LSPDFR. Place the CC audio folder into

GTA V Directory/lspdfr/audio/scanner. Load up LSPD:FR and go on-duty. Wait for County Callouts.
[RECOMMENDED]: Stop the Ped and Ultimate backup for full functions. Without these mods certain calls such as the vehicle collision with animal will be hard to navigate. Animal control, and towtruck backups are essential to finishing the call. 0.2 added integration with these plugins as well. Still works without but not recommended. Newest update 0.4 has added the interaction menu so really just Ultimate Backup is needed for tow truck/animal control but I still strongly suggest StopThePed. It's an awesome addition and is compatible with this plugin.

[Configuration File]:

Inside of the GTA V/plugins/LSPDFR directory you'll find a CountyCalls.ini. This is the config file for all of the customizable settings. You can modify key binds and call specific settings to your liking. Here's a break down of each setting found in the configuration file.

  • TalkKey - Default: Numpad1 - Key binding for interaction key during specific calls.
  • EndCallKey - Default: End - Key binding for ending calls during specific ones.
  • CommonOutcomeOdds - Default: 3 - Both odds settings are multiplied by 25 before being calculated. 
  • RareOutcomeOdds - Default: 1 - As stated above, multiplied by 25 before getting thrown into the outcome generator. 
[Note]: These numbers do not need to equal 100 as they do by default. Any number will work but I don't recommend going too high as it's just not needed. Common outcomes include suspect interactions, traffic stops, and other routine scenarios. Rare outcomes include shoot outs, suspects fleeing, combative suspects, and more. If you want a more realistic flow it's recommended to use default or set Common higher then rare. For more action it's recommended to set these both to the same setting or put rare higher if you want worst case scenario for your responding deputy. This setting does not influence which calls appear over others it is strictly scenario based during calls themselves.
  • MinCallDistance - Default: 190 - The absolute closest a call can be generated. If you're getting too many repeat locations you can try tweaking with this setting. Not recommended to go lower then 150 or you'll start seeing calls popup in view or in unrealistic locations.
  • MaxCallDistance - Default: 500 - The furthest a call can be generated. If you're not finding/getting calls for certain ones (Meth Lab/Unstable) try raising this number to the maximum you are comfortable with responding to.
Callout Probability has been implemented as of 0.4 and it'll need some testing to verify it's working properly. If you experience any issue with this system
please let me know. From the config file how to change each calls probability.

Quote:Use the following key to set callout chances
0 = Disabled - Callout will never appear
1 = Very Low - Callout will rarely ever appear
2 = Low - Call out will appear at below normal rate
3 = Medium - Call out will appear at a normal rate
4 = High - Call out will appear quite often
5 = Very High - Call will have very high priority to be chosen

[Common Issues]

None of the Callouts are spawning at all.

Most common cause of this issue is an improper LSPD: FR version. Verify you're using version 0.4.8 at minimum and if a recent GTA: V/Ragepluginhook/LSPD:FR update has just released it may be a compatibility issue.

Every (or one specific) callout just says Code 4 and ends.

If this is isolated to a specific callout verify it persists at locations all over the countryside of San Andreas. Some callouts will not spawn if you are in or very close to Los Santos city limits. You can also raise your MaxCallDistance setting in the .ini file and try again. If problem still persists then reach out for support. As of 0.4 a debug-type message will inform the player if a valid location could not be found.

The game/LSPD:FR is crashing when I install this mod.

Verify you are using the latest GTA:V (I do not support illegal copies), Ragepluginhook, County Callouts, and LSPD:FR version. If problem persists try running on a clean copy of GTA: V with only Rage and LSPD:FR installed. If you find compatibility issues with other modifications feel free to make a support post informing me.

When I respond to a call it ends Code 4 (Ex: Meth Lab Explosion ends once on scene)

This was a past issue that I >THINK< was corrected but may still appear. If you respond to a call and the suspects are instantly deceased and call goes Code 4 it may be a one-off glitch or it may be an internal oversight. The meth lab explosion was killing all the suspects (instead of only a couple like intended) on arrival but was patched in 0.3.

I'm not getting certain calls to trigger organically (must force calls)

Callout probability has been implemented and this could be causing an issue. Please report any bugs you come across.

The interior is bugged/Showing up as my LSPD: FR home on Domestic Dispute call

I was only able to use 2 interiors for the Domestic call at this time. I'm hoping to use some add-on interiors in the future to help resolve these issues. Try to set your home as the third location in the city to help keep the game from bugging out. I've made the exit in the hallway for those who did not see this and can still exit without being blocked by the add-on door.
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