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County Callouts Changelog

[Image: CC0-3-Title.png]

[RELEASED] 0.1.0 Alpha - Initial Release

⦁ Vehicle collision with animal (Needs Animal Control & Tow truck mod)
⦁ No response from Deputy, check requested (Multi-scenario Call)
⦁ Reports of Illegal Off-Roading
⦁ Stolen Sheriff Unit (Multi-scenario Call)

[RELEASED] 0.2.0 Alpha - Update Release - Adding new Callouts: Meth Lab Explosion + Unstable Subject

⦁ Added new Callout: Meth Lab Explosion (Currently three locations) (Low Prob)
⦁ Added new Callout: Unstable Individual (30+ custom locations) (Average Prob)
⦁ Added probability chances to all calls for more realistic flow
⦁ Added more variety to Sheriff Vehicles/Peds appearance on all calls (Supports EUP)
⦁ Added Animations & Voice responses to some calls
⦁ Added player set radio anim to calls which must be manually ended (API 0.4.8)
⦁ Added integrated support for StopThePed and UltimateBackup
⦁ Clean/Touch ups all around

[RELEASED] 0.3.0 Alpha - Update Release - Customization Update + Bug Fixes
  • Fixed various bugs throughout all current calls
  • Added supporting details to Illegal Off-roading
  • Added more detail and smoothed out Unstable, Animal Hit, and Deputy Check calls
  • Added .ini configuration file for custom settings
  • Added customization to allow odds of common and rare scenario outcomes
  • Added customization for minimum and maximum call distance spawning
  • Added keypress customization
  • Added new outcomes to the Meth Lab Explosion call
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