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All of my project releases have been broken into two parts. Currently updated and supported mods and discontinued no longer supported Legacy mods. All of my current mods have active support topics which can be found in the Support Section. Legacy releases are prior projects I've either discontinued or simply are now outdated and not maintained. All legacy mods are as-is, meaning there is no guarantee they will function properly and I take ZERO responsibility for if they damage your game/software/hardware/etc. ALWAYS MAKE BACKUPS and you should be absolutely fine. Do NOT make support topics for legacy releases, as no one will respond. You may use discussion topics in the legacy section or look at the few troubleshooting tips we may have available in the corresponding sections.

I have a mod request form anyone may submit. SUBMITTING A REQUEST DOES NOT GUARANTEE ANYTHING. It is simply a pitched idea and if I happen to take an interest in yours it may become my next release. Do not spam these please. You will be contacted if a request has been accepted.

Currently, all of the content available on this site is mine only. I don't plan on expanding that as of now, so keep checking back for updates.

Do not message me asking to become a Private Tester. These are members who have shown great appreciation and offer full support in helping me maintain updates and pump out new material regularly. When I need testers, I will post for them.