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Full Version: Highway Callouts
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[Image: CCHighway-Title.png]

My next project coming out for GTA: V and LSPD:FR is Highway Callouts. Featuring five fully detailed and dynamic highway themed callouts. Most details of this project are still currently undisclosed. Keep checking back though for more information! Expectations are going to be essentially like my County Callouts system but flipped towards a Highway/State Patrol aspect with additional features.

[Released Details]
- Five fully coded and unique callouts
- Full interaction system
- Full controller and configuration support
- More to be announced...


Coming Soon...
hello everyone,
                       "Highway Callouts" is a feature in the popular video game, "Grand Theft Auto V," that allows players to respond to emergency calls while patrolling the highways as police officers. This immersive gameplay element adds a level of realism to the game and provides a unique perspective on law enforcement Cool