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Full Version: Emergency Vehicle Lighting System (EVLS) Master Discussion Topic
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Emergency Vehicle Lighting System for GTA: San Andreas
(EVLS) Master Discussion Topic
What is it?
The Emergency Vehicle Lighting System (EVLS) is an outdated modification for San Andreas which adds more realistic lighting effects to public service vehicles, primarily LEO. EVLS had three functional major releases in it's lifetime. EVLS2, EVLS3, and the latest EVLS4. All of these versions are accessible here on this site and each have different methods and features. EVLS works with vehicles specifically made for it (mainly older EVLS versions) and vanilla/non-EVLS vehicles. Essentially, if you attempt to use EVLS in a normal vehicle it will use the headlight/taillight method of emergency lighting. The script is capable of determining if the vehicle was specifically made for EVLS compatibility or not. Some versions/vehicles have fully functioning component/livery systems to them as well. 

Download public EVLS versions HERE!

DISCLAIMER: As with all Legacy Projects, there is absolutely no guarantee that these mods will even work on San Andreas at this point. There is little to none in the terms of support on this. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR FILES!

Showcase (Top is EVLS2 and gets newer as you go down)