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ATTENTION! This is a Legacy section and no longer offers updates or support on ANY of these releases. You MAY ask questions and offer advise but do not spam these sections. x

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Model - Legacy 1999 Dodge Ram 3500

[Legacy Release]: This is an unsupported modification release. There is no guarantee it will still work properly, and there is no guarantee it won't corrupt your game files. ALWAYS MAKE BACKUPS BEFORE INSTALLING NEW MODIFICATIONS. There is no available support for this modification.


Quote:[ Mod Name ]: 1999 Dodge Ram 3500
[ Version ]: v1
[ Mod Type ]: Vehicle Replacement (Civilian Vehicle/Off-Road)
[ Developer ]: DeLuca Modding
[ Lightbar ]: N/A
[ Lighting Enhancement ]: N/A
[ Multiple Liveries ]: N/A (Two-Tone Colors)
[ Equipment & Access. ]: See Credits Below
[ Description ]: Simple re-work of an older model. Dodge Ram 3500 lifted with off-road tires.

[ Warning ]: Vehicle modifications can always increase risk of crashes.

[ Disclaimer ]: This mod is Developed and distrubed by DeLuca Modding.
Any other claims of this mod are ripped and unofficial. See additional notes below.

[ Permissions ]: You MAY use this mod for personal use, media use, etc.
You MAY edit this mod as long as below credits are included.

[ Credits ]:
05bowtie, Matthias, Lightbar Guy, Pumbars, Bxbugs123 for original 1998 Ram 3500 S&R Model.
Modifications for Off-Road 4x4 by DeLuca.

[ Additional Notes ]:
Some websites not listed in disclaimer may still have received rights to host and distribute this file
from DeLuca Modding.


[Image: gta-sa-2015-04-08-23-01-39-93.jpg]
[Image: gta-sa-2015-04-08-23-02-10-53.jpg]
[Image: gta-sa-2015-04-08-23-02-32-82.jpg]

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